Cancer Survivor Social Networks Measure

The Cancer Survivor Social Networks Measure is a 16-item instrument designed to evaluate social support satisfaction, network size, and boundedness. The self-administered items assess both formal and informal social ties. Respondents rate the helpfulness of each support source on a four-point Likert scale where 1 is “very helpful” and 4 is “not helpful”; a “no contact” option is also provided if the respondent had no contact with a particular support source.

Cancer Survivors Social Networks - English

Scoring instructions

Social support satisfaction: To calculate a score for social support satisfaction, calculate the average rating across all items for which the respondent gave a rating other than “no contact”.

Network size: To measure network size, sum the total number of support sources with which the respondent reported contact.

Network boundedness: To calculate network boundedness, divide the total number of contacts with informal social ties by the total network size. Lower boundedness scores indicate that the respondent relies more heavily on formal ties; higher boundedness scores indicate a greater reliance on informal ties.

To cite this instrument, please use the following reference:

Lim JW, Zebrack B. Social networks and quality of life for long-term survivors of leukemia and lymphoma. Support Care Cancer.2006;14:185-192.

Please note that this instrument has not been psychometrically validated and may change over time.