The iCanCare Follow-Up Study


In 2012, CanSORT received a $13 million program award from the National Cancer Institute to study the challenges of individualizing treatments for patients with breast cancer. A key part of this program was the Individualized Cancer Care Study (iCanCare Study). We surveyed over 5000 women newly diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in 2013-15 to better understand their experiences during their initial breast cancer treatment. 

Recently, CanSORT received a Research Scholar Grant from the American Cancer Society to continue the iCanCare Study. The goal of the iCanCare Follow-up Study is to investigate disparities in the quality and delivery of survivorship care. A sample of women who participated in the baseline iCanCare study will be surveyed again about the care they are receiving six years post-diagnosis.

Individual participants cannot be identified in the study data, and survey responses are never shared between participants and their doctors.

Below are some frequently-asked questions about the baseline iCanCare Study and the current iCanCare Follow-Up Study. Please click on each topic to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions