Shared Learning System

CanSORT is performing a nationally pace-setting randomized controlled trial of a comprehensive deliberation tool (iCanDecide) for patients with breast cancer. This tool will be deployed through nearly two dozen surgeon practices in the Detroit and Atlanta areas. Through funding awarded by the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Innovation program, we will enhance the iCanDecide tool with features enabling it to act as an integrated Shared Learning Decision Support System.

The Shared Learning Decision Support System will include a clinician dashboard that will alert clinicians to patient pre-test results measured by the iCanDecide tool. Such measures include patient’s knowledge about certain tests and treatments and their treatment preferences. Individual patient results would then be accessible to clinicians to allow them to intervene on patients that have poor knowledge, emotional distress, or that appear to be en route to a treatment option that is not concordant with their selected treatment values and preferences. To facilitate accessibility of the tool, CanSORT will work with UMHS technology system administrators to integrate the tool into the standard clinician portals used within our local health system. A goal of this intervention is to improve communication between breast cancer patients and members of their clinical team (doctors, nurse navigators, nurses) to support the treatment decision-making process.

Shared Learning Decision Support System