Tim P. Hofer is a Professor in the Division of General Medicine at the University of Michigan and the Associate Director for Analytic and Information Resources at the VA Center for Practice Management and Outcomes Research in Ann Arbor. His research interests include the methodological and practical issues in measuring and profiling quality of care and how the ability to measure quality may affect popular policy initiatives to identify and reduce medical errors or set up pay for performance systems. His projects have focused on the adequacy of risk adjustment, social and economic factors predicting utilization, as well as the patient, provider and organizational influences on performance measurement and indicators.   Furthermore, he is a core faculty member in the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars program at the University of Michigan. Dr. Hofer provides methodologic and analytic support to CanSORT, focusing on hierarchical and multilevel modeling. Dr. Hofer leads the Data and Design Core of the CanSORT P01.

Selected Publications

Manojlovich M, Harrod M, Holtz B, Hofer T, Kuhn L, Krein SL. The Use of Multiple Qualitative Methods to Characterize Communication Events Between Physicians and Nurses. Health Commun 2014; 30(1):61-9

Katz SJ, Hawley ST, Abrahamse P, Morrow M, Friese CR, Alderman AK, Griggs JJ, Hamilton AS, Graff JJ, Hofer TP. Does it matter where you go for breast surgery?: Attending Surgeon’s Influence on Variation in Receipt of Mastectomy for Breast Cancer. Med Care 2010; 48(10):892-9

Subramanian U, Kerr EA, Klamerus ML, Zikmund-Fisher BJ, Holleman RG, Hofer TP. Treatment decisions for complex patients: differences between primary care physicians and mid-level providers. Am J Manag Care 2009; 15(6):373-380

Katz SJ, Hofer TP, Hawley ST, Lantz P, Janz NK, Schwartz K, Liu L, Deapen D, Morrow M. Patterns and Correlates of Patient Referral To Surgeons For Treatment of Breast Cancer. J Clin Oncol 2007; 25(3):271-276