Availability of Patient Support Resources Measure

The Availability of Patient Support Resources Measure evaluates the frequency with which various patient support resources (e.g., patient support groups, videos/presentations about treatment options) were available for newly-diagnosed breast cancer patients within the past 12 months. Responses are given on a five-point Likert scale indicating the share of patients for whom the item applies where 1 is “Few or almost none”, 3 is “About half”, and 5 is “Almost all”. The scale was originally drafted for use with breast oncologists but the individual items could be adapted to ask about any type of patient support resources.

Availability of Patient Support Resources Measure

Scoring instructions

All questions use a five-point Likert scale with endpoints as marked. Response values increase left to right (1-5).  To calculate the score, calculate the average rating across all items; a higher score indicates greater availability of patient support resources.

To cite this instrument, please use the following reference:

Katz SJ, Morrow M, Hawley ST, Griggs JJ, Jagsi R, Hamilton AS, Graff JJ, Friese CR, Hofer TP. Coordinating cancer care: Patient and practice management processes among surgeons who treat breast cancer. Med Care. 2010;48(1):45-51.

Please note that this instrument has not been psychometrically validated and may change over time.