Rebecca Ferber earned a Master’s degree in Public Health in Health Behavior and Health Education from the University of Michigan. At CanSORT, Rebecca is part of the Research Management Team, where she helps to conduct research and assists in the management of multiple projects related to cancer quality of care research. Among her responsibilities, she helps with IRB submissions, develops databases for survey data entry, oversees the transfer of completed surveys between research sites, and assists with preliminary data analysis. She provides support in the development of patient and clinician surveys and provides support in the coordination of the Project 3 randomized controlled trial. She also assists in research which investigates the roles of decision support people during the cancer treatment decision making process.  Additionally, Rebecca assists faculty members with the preparation of grant applications, manuscript submissions, development of PowerPoint presentations, and design of posters for presentations. Furthermore, Rebecca tracks the dissemination of study results through published papers that come out of the various studies of the CanSORT group.