Nancy K. Janz is a Professor in the Department of Health Behavior & Health Education at the University of Michigan and the Associate Director of the Center for Managing Chronic Disease. Her background is in nursing with a doctorate in the behavioral sciences from the University of Michigan. Dr. Janz has considerable experience in the examination of psychosocial factors that influence preventive health behavior including screening in breast and colorectal cancer. She has written about the use of the behavioral theory in understanding adherence to cancer screening. In addition, a major area of her scholarly work has involved impact of chronic disease and its treatment on health-related quality of life. Recently, she has extended her work to breast cancer with research efforts examining the role of decision-making and treatment choices on quality of life, and evaluation of a theory-driven intervention for breast cancer survivors. As a member of CanSORT, her role in several of the NIH-funded projects has been to better understand the information and support needs of women with breast cancer as well as racial/ethnic differences in breast cancer and its treatment on quality of life over time. Dr. Janz is the UM lead of the Survey Development and Data Collection Core for the P01 award, “The Challenges of Individualizing Treatments for Breast Cancer”.

Selected Publications

Janz NK, Leinberger RL, Zikmund-Fisher BJ, Hawley ST, Griffith K, Jagsi R. Provider perspectives on presenting risk information and managing worry about recurrence among breast cancer survivors. Psychooncology 2014 [Epub ahead of print]

Janz NK, Friese CR, Li Y, Graff JJ, Hamilton AS, Hawley ST. Emotional Well-being Years Post-Treatment for Breast Cancer: Prospective, Multi-Ethnic and Population Based Analysis. J Cancer Surviv 2014; 8(1):131-142

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Janz NK, Hawley ST, Mujahid MS, Griggs JJ, Alderman AS, Graff JJ, Jagsi R, Katz SJ. Correlates of Worry about Recurrence in a Multi-Ethnic Population-Based Sample of Women with Breast Cancer. Cancer 2011; 117(9):1827-36