Data Collection

Data collection is led by the collaborating cancer surveillance program leaders at the Los Angeles Cancer Surveillance Program and Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics. These sites maintain cancer registries in Los Angeles County and in the state of Georgia. The racial diversity of the patient population in these particular SEER registries and the mix of rural and urban settings allows reasonable generalizability of our results to other areas in the United States.

The overall goals of our Survey Design and Data Collection Core are:

  1. developing a bank of survey measures and items that will provide consistency in the measurement of common constructs across CanSORT studies,
  2. developing and implementing a uniform strategy for cancer registry sampling, rapid case ascertainment, and the integration of clinical data collected through routine surveillance activities
  3. coordinating and implementing patient and clinician surveys to maximize participant rates
  4. validate key clinical information collected in CanSORT studies

    Drs. Hawley and Juhasz and the student team prepare a survey launch